Chapter 1402

The man was furious because people stood up to the company, but it was futile. And since there were artists who were as unethical as Olivia, it would be impossible for people not to be annoyed. However, since everyone on the board was from the same group, even if the employees spoke up about it, they would be able to cover it up and suppress the news. No one could contest against them, especially when it came to having resources. Hector looked at him. “What if I can?” That night, Hector arrived at the hotel for their date. Olivia opened the door in a black silk dress while swirling a glass of red wine. “Come in.” Hector walked in while she sat down on the couch and smiled at him seductively. “Do you know what coming to the hotel means?” Hector stood there calmly. “What else could it mean?” Olivia put the glass down with a smile, got up, and walked toward him. She then put her arms around his neck and was going to kiss him when he tilted his head to the side. “Are we in a hurry

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