Chapter 1405

The less famous celebrities were forced into doing things with Olivia, but how badly were they forced and humiliated for them to fall apart? It was perplexing why the deputy director let Olivia have her ways with the male artists. Sean had said it was because Olivia could bring benefits to the company, but a celebrity who just couldn’t be famous enough and couldn’t even be considered a B-lister managing to get the resources of an A-listers was baffling. It wasn’t until today, when Mr. Brown showed up, that he suddenly understood. It might be related to taking videos. The deputy director’s face turned dark, “What do you know?” “You’re in this together, or he wouldn’t be here for me.” Hector pointed at the man with the gold chain and ignored his expression. “You needed a scapegoat, and it had to be someone new to the company and could get close to a low-level actress. If I followed your instructions and something happened, I would have to take the fall for it. Zestar would be able

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