Chapter 1414

Barbara and Pearl walked toward Maisie. “Your cousin is tonight’s protagonist. Why hasn’t he appeared yet?” Maisie smiled. “He’s probably still preparing.” Just when she said that Hector appeared at the scene, and next to him was Zestar’s former manager, Triden. Triden and Sean were partners at Zestar. Triden knew a thing or two about Sean’s death and the actions of the ex-Zestar higher-ups. It was Hector who hired him back to Zestar. Hector was more formally dressed today. He wore a three-piece suit. The attire not only made him look grand, but it also made him exude a mature and dignified aura. However, Hector felt a little restrained when he was wearing this outfit. Maisie walked toward him and adjusted his tie for him. “This is your first time dressed in something like this. You’re not used to it, aren’t you?” “Yeah, I’m really not used to it.” Hector felt awkward, and Triden, who was standing next to him, clicked his tongue. “There are still a lot of things you’re not used

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