Chapter 1420

That evening, Lucy walked to the garage and saw two colleagues standing there. She looked away. “You’re still here?” One of them walked to her and held her arm. “Lucy, my friend opened up a shop, and I’m buying dinner. Do you want to join us?” “Yes, let’s go together. You’ve been paying for our meals in the past two days, so we need to do something in return.” Lucy was a little befuddled by their friendliness, but she didn’t want to reject it. Thus, she had to be careful about what she said/ “I’m sorry, I have something on tonight, so I won’t be able to join you.” “Are you going on a date?” “Lucy, tell us, who is it?” “Bring your boyfriend along.” Lucy was going to say something when she heard a honk nearby. She looked around and seemed to be worried that the person in the car would be seen, so she hurriedly bade farewell. “I need to go, I’m sorry. Let’s do this another day.” The two women stared at the driver. Unfortunately, it was too dark inside, and they couldn’t see clearl

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