Chapter 1423

“That’s right. We were the ones who helped you when your family was in trouble. Now that you’ve become successful, you’ve forgotten about us?” Hector clasped his hands together and leaned forward a little. He sat with his legs spread a little and said, “The reason you helped my family was that you wanted to get the things under my uncle’s name. In other words, you had your own motives for helping us. Besides, I'm not familiar with you all, and since you haven't offered me any help before, why should I help you?” “Hecky, how can you talk like that?” “That’s all I have to say. I can’t help you, so please leave.” Those relatives' faces turned grim. They did not expect that Hector would reject them directly. Since they couldn't get anything from him, they did not have the nerves to remain and left in anger. As soon as they returned, they complained about Hector’s behavior to Heidi. Heidi made a call to Hector, and Hector admitted it. “I don’t want to help them.” “How can you not

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