Chapter 1427

“How dare you claim that you didn’t interfere!? Are you telling me that you’re not the one who instigated Hector?” Heidi was very certain that Maisie was the person who had instigated Hector. He had never refused any of her requests before this. Maisie stood in front of Heidi and chuckled. “Grandmother, humans are capable of change. Think about this, why would Hector want to leave the Vanderbilts and live independently away from Coralia? Have you ever thought about this?” Heidi was stunned. There was no way that she would have thought about it. When Hector had said that he wanted to come to Bassburgh to settle down and develop his career, they agreed. Besides, it was not bad for Hector to come and depend on Maisie, but who knew that Hector would stop coming home for several years? Thus, how could she not suspect Maisie? “Stop giving me all this bullsh*t. Getting involved with you never ends well. Let me remind you once and for all. You’ve gotten married to a man, so strictly speak

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