Chapter 1432

Hector’s expression dimmed slightly. “Grandmother, it’s okay if you dislike Maisie, but you have no right to slander her.” Madam Vanderbilt was about to lose her temper, but Yorick stopped her instantly. “Mother, Hecky has brought his girlfriend here to pay you a visit. Why are you acting so irritably?” ‘His girlfriend?’ The two relatives and Heidi looked at Lucy immediately. Lucy smiled politely at them and then brought the supplements to her. “Madam Vanderbilt, don’t get so worked up if you’re sick and hospitalized. Getting angry will only worsen your condition. These are some supplements that I bought for you.” Heidi took a closer look at her. ‘She’s dressed in ordinary clothes. At first glance, she looks like a daughter from a poor family. So, perhaps she’s only gotten together with Hector because of his status.’ “What’s your parents’ status?” Lucy’s smile stiffened slightly. Heidi did not accept her gifts. Instead, she crossed her arms and claimed, “You have to be a daugh

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