Chapter 1434

“This old hag is still trying to save her face in front of us. After running around the city with her for a few days, we've gained nothing. She keeps on claiming that she’s able to accomplish anything, Hector will definitely listen to her, and the list goes on and on. We shouldn’t have trusted her so much in the first place.” The two relatives discussed among themselves and decided to pack up and return to Coralia. They then turned around and saw Heidi standing at the door, and they were petrified for a moment. Heidi felt piqued as she listened to the two of them talking about herself behind her back, but she was still trying her best to maintain her composure. Especially when facing her relatives, she laughed instead of losing her head. “Why are you planning to return home so quickly? Why are you in such a hurry? Give me a few more days. Hector has always been close to me ever since he was a child. It’s just that he’s been led astray by Maisie. After all, I’m his grandmother. There

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