Chapter 1436

“It’s your own fault if Dad renounces you.” Hector ignored her and walked into the delivery room. Heidi turned pale, and her arrogance dissipated. The next day, Yorick moved out of the ancestral Vanderbilt mansion. The neighbors said Heidi almost caused her daughter-in-law to lose her child and had no sympathy for her. They had been living on the same street for a long time and had witnessed how she pushed people around. After the incident involving Yorick and Hector, she had been more passive, but unfortunately, she was still the same person inside. Her family had broken up, and her children and grandchildren had abandoned her. Even though it was sad, she deserved it. After a week… Maisie visited her aunt, Bella, at the hospital. She was holding the baby girl in her arms. The baby was asleep after she was fed. Maisie sat down next to the bed. “How are you feeling?” “Much better.” She smiled and nodded. She was grateful when she found out that Maisie was the one who had sa

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