Chapter 1441

Mr. Saldana was cunning, and no one liked him. Nobody dared to do anything against him since they needed him to earn a profit, and he had something to blackmail them. However, if he was going to use the same tactic on Nolan, then he was terribly wrong. Nolan looked at Kevin and said, “Hydra Lake is a great location in Hewston. Since you have a dispute with the people over there, you should consider taking them for yourself, Mr. Washington.” Kevin fell silent. Their meeting ended half an hour later. Nolan came out of the restaurant, and Quincy was waiting for him in front of the door. After Nolan got into the car, he asked, “How is the Saldanas’ situation?” “They're pulling out of the business in Hewston. Mr. Saldana has gained a few million in profit there and is afraid of getting into trouble now.” After Quincy finished speaking, he asked, “Can we trust Mr. Washington, Mr. Goldmann?” Nolan loosened his tie and said, “It doesn't matter if he's trustworthy or not. The enemy's e

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