Chapter 1444

Elaine was shocked after listening to the man’s narration. She did not expect that Ian was used to being an undercover agent at all. Being an undercover agent indeed was a dangerous job. Once they were busted, their life would be in danger. When she first met Ian, he was gentle and exuded a scholarly aura. She thought he was just an ordinary owner of a coffee shop until she saw with her own eyes last night he used a bottle to crack the man's head without any hesitation. The man looked at Elaine and grinned. “Honestly, I really thought you were Ian’s girlfriend. After all, all the people he’s ever brought here were men.” “None of them were women?” “Nope, but I can understand why.” The man threw his arms up and shrugged. Then, he said worriedly, “When he was an undercover agent, he could barely keep himself alive, so he couldn't be bothered with other people. Once people like him fall in love, it's similar to having a weakness that the enemy can exploit. “Nobody could catch him for

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