Chapter 1446

Edward’s hands, which were flipping through the newspaper, stopped moving, and he frowned. “Why are you asking this?” As Elaine chewed, she asked bluntly, “If the man I want to marry is his son, what will you do?” Edward was astonished and then slammed the newspaper on the table. “Have you lost your mind!?” Jenna was frightened. She did not understand much about her husband's industry, so she did not interrupt. Still, she was a little surprised that Elaine took the initiative to bring up the word “marriage”. Elaine knew that her father did not like Mr. Saldana, so this marriage was an almost impossible task. Nonetheless, she thought about Ian’s words. ‘I really don’t want to get married. If Dad were to arrange for me to marry a man that I’ve never met before or something, I might as well choose Ian over that fate.’ “Dad, he said that he would give me 5% of the Synergy Group’s shares if I were to marry him. Are you not interested in that?” Edward’s expression became quite excited

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