Chapter 1448

Although Juan had never visited his son, it was uncommon for him to have not abandoned him. The amount of money he paid to the psychiatric hospital every year was worth millions of dollars. Marco had someone to personally serve him in the psychiatric hospital. After all, his father was the well-known Mr. Saldana—the hospital would definitely not treat him badly, and he would surely not suffer while staying there. Marco’s mental illness was congenital. Sometimes, he would act normally, but the onset would send him into a rampage from time to time. There was no other way but to place him in a psychiatric medical center and provide him with quality food, drink, and treatment. Nolan laughed. “What a pity.” “But Mr. Saldana has another son.” “Another son?” Quincy remembered something. “Yes, Mrs. Saldana said that Mr. Saldana was quite a playboy in private back then. He had an extramarital affair with another woman when Mrs. Saldana was pregnant, and the affair went on for six whole ye

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