Chapter 1450

“What makes you think I’m the same as Lucy?” Elaine crossed her arms. “Lucy has had a hard life, and now that there’s a man who can take care of her, you can finally rest easy. But just in case you don’t know this, I don’t need it.” “You…” “Dear, there’s no need to rush Elaine. In fact, it’s not a bad thing to get married later in life. It won’t be too late for Elaine to think about it when she meets her Mr. Right.” Jenna tried to persuade Edward gently. Edward snorted. “If she had the ability to think about it, she wouldn’t have been deceived.” “Dad, I didn’t lie to you.” “You didn’t lie? You’re doing so because you deliberately want to piss me off. Are the Saldanas a family that you can think about marrying into? You didn’t even go around gathering more information about Juan’s son, and you’ve chosen to believe in him!” ‘Sure enough, he still cares about the Saldanas.’ Lucy wondered. “What about the Saldanas?” Elaine did not answer Lucy but explained, “Ian is the other son of

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