Chapter 1456

Elaine walked past the car and entered the courtyard. Ian watched as she walked inside. After a short while, he started the engine and left. … A few days later, Quincy returned with some information about Ian. However, when he handed Nolan a copy of the information, he frowned when he saw the name on it. [Ian Saldana] As he flipped through the document, he said, “This name rings a bell.” “Of course. He was the boss of Glitz,” replied Quincy. Nolan did not say anything. Meanwhile, Edward was equally surprised when he found out Ian’s identity. He had his secretary go confirm Ian's identity at the ministry. Ian had indeed been a member of the ministry and was once an undercover agent of the higher-ups. He used fake names when he went on missions. He had also served as the head of the crimes unit when he was young and had excellent abilities. He would have been the deputy director by now if he had not resigned. Just when Edward was immersed in his thoughts, someone knocked on

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