Chapter 1459

A white suit was harder to pull off than a black one. Not only did it require the wearer to have a good physique, but the wearer also needed a good appearance. Ian wasn't tanned or pale. He was in the middle, but the color white fit him perfectly and made him look like he was glowing under the light. It was mainly because of his good appearance. He looked mature and regal despite wearing a light-colored suit. He only turned his head around and looked at Elaine walking toward him when someone noticed her. All the staff left, leaving only the two of them in the corridor. Elaine stopped in front of him, and nobody knew if she was nervous, but she seemed a little stiff. "Isn’t the ceremony about to start?" “Yeah,” he replied softly as he studied her. “This dress looks good on you.” Elaine lifted her head and met his gaze, but she soon averted her eyes. “Thank you. You look good in the suit as well.” He moved to the side and said, “Shall we go in now?” She nodded, and Ian extended

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