Chapter 1467

Ian thought that in return, he would give some shares to Elaine after taking down Synergy. Elaine wanted benefits, and he would give them without holding back. However, he forgot about one thing: ' feelings’. When people were bound by marriage, even if they didn’t love each other, they would develop feelings if they stayed together for too long. He hadn’t been too drunk the other night, so he clearly remembered what she had done. He had come across many women, so he could tell when they were genuine toward him. Elaine was more secretive and didn’t show much. He could see how she tried to distance herself, and she knew that what they had was ‘business’. Elaine looked down and understood what he meant. After a moment, she asked, “So, we can just stay engaged, can’t we?” Ian didn’t answer. Elaine looked calm. “Once you get what you want, we could just call off our engagement.” She thought that it would be simple for them to get married, but she was hesitating now that they wer

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