Chapter 1470

Elaine’s voice was coarse. “Not anymore.” Ian touched her hand, which was cold because of the IV drips. The warmth from his palms stopped her from shivering and made her feel warm. Ian looked at her. “Go to sleep. You’ll feel better when you wake up.” His voice was soft as a feather. Elaine closed her eyes and fell asleep in no time. … Maisie found out that Elaine was in the hospital because Lucy was taking a day off. She asked how she was, but Lucy was silent. She curiously asked, “What’s wrong?” “Ms. Vanderbilt…” Lucy pressed her lips together. “My sister… might not be able to get pregnant in the future.” Maisie paused. She couldn’t leave work because she had a lot on her plate, so she asked Saydie to visit with Lucy on her behalf. Lucy didn’t want to bother Hector, so she didn’t tell him. When the two women got to the hospital and opened the room door, they saw Ian feeding Elaine soup. They looked like a married couple. Elaine choked because of their sudden appearanc

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