Chapter 1472

If there were something wrong with the shares in Ian’s hand, he would become Juan’s scapegoat. Nolan tapped his finger rhythmically on the file as something flitted across his eyes. “Does Juan not know the relationship between Ian and the higher-ups there?” Quincy shook his head. “Ian has too many fake identities and names. Even if Juan looks into it, he won’t be able to find Ian’s relationship with the ministry.” Nolan chuckled. “It seems like Juan really knows nothing about his illegitimate son. “If he knew him well, he wouldn't have ignored Ian so much. Considering Ian's relationship with those people on top, he would have been able to protect Juan if he wanted to.” Unfortunately, Juan was too arrogant. He thought Ian was merely a “hoodlum,” so he had never paid any attention to him. “Mr. Goldmann, he has picked the wrong opponent. I guess we don’t need to do anything anymore this time.” Nolan closed the file and put it on the desk. When he heard someone knocking on the doo

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