Chapter 1485

“It’s okay. I don’t want to waste it,” said Elaine. Ian walked into the office and immediately removed his jacket and tie as he never liked to wear formal clothes. Elaine walked in behind him with her coffee and looked up to witness this scene. The thin white shirt was pressed against his chest, so the outlines of his body could easily be seen as he breathed in and out. She would say that Ian was the most well-built man she had ever met. As expected of a man who had been an undercover agent for years, graduated from the police academy, and trained in the army for many years. The last time she ran into him accidentally was when he was changing his clothes. He looked muscular, but his build did not look very exaggerated. The curvatures and lines of his muscles looked very firm and as hard as nails. When working in her office, she often heard her female colleagues talking about men’s abs. Most women loved men who had abs because they made them look sexy. Elaine looked down subconsc

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