Chapter 1493

Barbara stood beside her and continued. “His distrust of women stems from the fact that he had a greedy mother. His birth wasn't honorable. His mother gave birth to him behind Mr. Saldana's back because she wanted to use him as a bargaining chip to get herself a good life. He's an illegitimate son. After being rejected by Mr. Saldana, his mother pushed all the blame and responsibility on him. “His childhood life is rougher than anyone in the world. Even a beggar has a better life than him, and what he has experienced is something we have never experienced before. If he hadn't met my father, he might not have lived until today, or he would've gone down the wrong path. “I used to be unaware of his identity as an undercover agent, and I did not know how dangerous the mission he carried out was. As such, his unceremonious departure left me very upset and heartbroken. “It was not until several years ago that I learned he felt guilty about me because of what happened to me. He couldn't br

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