Chapter 1495

As for Waylon, they were not very worried about him. They were certain that he could fend for himself when he had to face the world alone. The only person they were worried about was Daisie. That incident with Lisa indeed had given Daisie a huge blow, but the good thing was that she herself had learned from her mistake. When Quincy came out with the five-layer cake, the kids all went forward to help him. Daisie put a birthday hat on Nicholas' head, and he laughed happily. Maisie felt relieved to see the happy atmosphere between the children and Nicholas. The birthday party only came to an end very late at night. Maisie and Nolan stood at the door and sent the guests off one after another. After that, they returned to the living room. There were a lot of expensive gifts for Nicholas in the living room, and amongst them, the parrot that Daisie prepared for him stood out the most. Thomas and Jackie stayed for one night. Jackie had returned to the guest room while the three kids h

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