Chapter 149

Applause erupted. The next item to go on auction was still from Taylor Jewelry. After a few items, the highest price for jewelry from Taylor was $263,000,000, far more than any other item. The screen showed a peacock blue necklace next. When Kennedy saw it, he nervously looked toward Maisie. Helios, who seemed to have noticed his gaze, looked toward Maisie through the corner of his eyes too. Seller: Willow Vanderbilt The crowd booed and whispered among themselves. The sellers here were either well-known companies or famous jewelry designers. Willow was a name that many did not recognize. Only a few people had followed the ‘drama’ on Twitter and learned about her fiasco with Ms. Santiago. However, the item on the screen was pretty unique. The peacock blue necklace had a brilliant teardrop-shaped sapphire. The melee blue diamonds on the tail of the peacock were a beautiful addition. This item was ‘Peacock’s Pride’ that Maisie had designed. Too bad Willow just copied the

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