Chapter 1511

Quincy had already created quite a distance between the both of them before he found out that Saydie had not caught up to him, so he went back helplessly. “I really wouldn't care if you were to get lost.” Saydie lowered her eyes and retracted her gaze sadly. “It’s not like I can’t walk back by myself.” Quincy crossed his arms. “Just what are you trying to portray yourself as?” He had long realized that Saydie did not want to go back so early. Even though she did not make it clear, he had already guessed it. Christmas and New Year’s had always been a period of time dedicated to family reunions. However, she had no parents, and she had basically celebrated all these festivals with the Goldmanns throughout all these years. To her, the Goldmanns were her current family. Saydie’s parents were not in Zlokova, so it was normal for her to feel homesick, especially during this period. Saydie looked at him and said, “I’ve never played with firecrackers and fireworks.” Quincy was stunned f

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