Chapter 1515

“We’ll leave the Lovegoods out of the equation. Even Mr. Lovegood wouldn’t say anything about me beating her. After all, his daughter is the cheap b*tch here. As for the Cliffords, will they even care about her? The Cliffords are already showing her huge mercy by not kicking her out of the family after realizing they’ve gotten themselves such a feisty and dissolute daughter-in-law.” Violet burst into laughter and placed her hand on Daisie’s shoulder. “Yeah, I’m not afraid anymore now that Daisie is covering me.” She stared at Penelope and raised her eyebrows. “You should beat her. I would also like to see the scene where Mr. Potter beats the crap out of you tomorrow.” Penelope’s face turned ashen because of Violet’s provocation, and she raised her hand. But the slap was intercepted before it could land on its target. Penelope turned her head, and her face turned pale when she saw Jackie. “Young Master Clifford, are you choosing to side with this b*tch at this moment?” ‘It’s impos

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