Chapter 1517

After the older officer behind the desk drank his tea and tightened the cap. “Alright, you should just speak about this in private. Mr. Lovegood covered it up, so don't go prying.” The two younger officers clicked their tongues and continued working. The person outside had already walked away. Violet was having some food in the cell. She had ordered some delivery from the hotel. It was a unique situation, so they allowed her to order in. “How could you still have an appetite for good food in a place like this?” She froze when she heard Jackie’s voice but didn’t look up, “What I eat is none of your business.” “I’m not minding your business.” Jackie was calm. “Grandpa asked me to come and get you.” Violet looked around. Thomas treated her quite nicely and was lenient with her. She never understood that as a granddaughter-in-law, even though she brought shame to the Cliffords, he never once spoke against her. It was totally dark outside. The neon lights were clouded by the fog

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