Chapter 1521

‘Isn’t that akin to incest?’ When the thought surfaced in Thomas’s head, he said in a serious voice, “That's why I want to talk about the divorce between them.” The Lovegoods were rather surprised when they heard what Thomas had said. After all, Thomas had been someone who knew what to do and what not to do. However, Aaron was not going to agree with him this time. “Elder Master Clifford, do you think that the marriage between our two families is a child's play?” Thomas tapped the foot of the glass rhythmically, and it took him a while before he replied, “Aaron, there are many other ways to maintain the relationship between our two families.” He looked at Violet and continued. “That’s why I’ve decided to take Viv in as my god-granddaughter.” “What? Are you kidding me?” Aaron rose to his feet and shouted back to Thomas despite everyone watching him, “If you take Viv as your god-granddaughter, does this not mean that she and Jackie will become brother and sister instead of husband

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