Chapter 1533

“Penny! What nonsense are you talking about?” Edmund’s expression dimmed. ‘Even I have to show the Cliffords a little respect. Even if the Cliffords want to whitewash Violet, I won’t dare to bring this up in their face.’ Penelope gnashed her teeth. “Who gave you the right to claim that what I just said is nonsense? If it weren’t for her, Brooklyn and I would have gotten married long ago. Do you expect me to kiss the *ss of a b*tch who specializes in snatching other people’s boyfriends? “Young Master Clifford, didn’t you despise this woman back then too? Since when have you been bewitched by this b*tch?” She snorted coldly and glared at Violet. “A b*tch will forever be a b*tch. You’ve actually convinced the Cliffords and made them side with you so quickly. I think it’s only a matter of time before you get onto the bed of the grandfather and grandson and serve the both of them—” Edmund slapped Penelope and stunned her for a split second. She looked up in disbelief. “Father!?” Edmu

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