Chapter 1546

Jackie’s lips were pressed against the side of her neck, and his breath was labored. “Trying to get me drunk.” Violet did not know how to react to his statement. “It’s obvious that you’re the one who wanted to take all those shots head-on.” ‘I’ve overestimated his drinking capacity. He’s this lousy, yet he wanted to keep up his appearance.’ “Violet,” he whispered her name in her ear. She felt itchy on her neck from his breathing, so she tried to dodge his face a little and replied in a daze, “Huh?” His slightly deep voice was rubbing against the wall of her cochlea, especially in this extremely intimate atmosphere, which would escalate things very easily and quickly. It was not that Violet was still a virgin and had zero experience in that department, but she had only been with Jacob before this. She loved Jacob very much and was willing to give him everything. That night, the euphoria that she had experienced was because of his gentle interpretation. She could not forget not o

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