Chapter 1549

Violet choked on her words and met his gaze. “What did you hear?” Jackie approached her, and the distance between them narrowed gradually. The shadow on the wall made it seem like they were sticking together. “I heard Daisie say that you’re drawing me.” She denied it, “I didn’t.” He squinted slightly and did not utter a single word. Violet turned around. “I’m going back to work already.” She was about to leave, but Jackie grabbed her by her arm, and she was caught off guard and fell into his arms. Jackie pressed her against the wall, lowered his head, and his lips were only inches away from her temple. “I want to hear the truth.” Violet did not look straight at him. “What are you talking about?” His breath brushed across her cheek, and it became more and more intense. “Do you have feelings for me?” Her breathing stopped for a moment. “W-What are the feelings that you’re referring to?” Jackie lifted her face, and her whole face was sitting in his palm. “How did you feel about

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