Chapter 1556

Penelope had become the laughingstock of the city because of Brooklyn. She had accused Violet of sabotaging her relationship, but she was the real homewrecker. Even though Brooklyn had tricked her and she was the victim of the entire shenanigan, after learning of his married status, she refused to leave him. Instead, she wanted him to divorce his wife and marry her. People always said that those who were pitiful must have a cause for having sunk to their lows, and it was the truth. All of the socialites came and greeted her warmly when they all saw Violet. Even though Violet did not like it, she still responded to them politely. “Ms. Lovegood, I heard that Mr. Clifford is going to get you back. How romantic.” “It seems like you’ve successfully captured the heart of your ex-husband, Ms. Lovegood.” Violet felt a little embarrassed as she listened to their flattery. It was true that Jackie was trying to win her back, but she hadn’t said yes to his marriage proposal. Besides,

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