Chapter 1567

Daisie took a sip. “Well, since Colton isn’t here yet, let’s go.” They both got to the restaurant, and Leah asked the servers for the menu. Daisie sat in her seat with her drink, then Leah turned to her. “Daisie, are you alright with spicy food?” At the same moment, Nollace, who was walking past on the first floor, heard ‘Daisie’, stopped in his tracks, and looked downstairs. Leah walked past Daisie with the menu and blocked her. Nollace stopped there for a while until Edison asked, “What is it, sir?” He looked back with dull eyes and walked away. “Nothing.” Edison stopped the car in front of him and got down to open the door for him. Nollace sat in the car while looking out in deep thought. His instincts told him that he had forgotten someone. Someone who seemed to be important to him. He dreamed of a blurry face, a lady, but he couldn’t remember when he woke up. When Colton found out that Daisie and Leah were at the restaurant, he immediately went back and saw them enjoy

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