Chapter 1574

Meanwhile, Daisie went to the backyard to play with Goldbar. Goldbar was rolling and running here and there in the grass energetically. When she saw it running toward her, Daisie smiled and held out her hand to grab it. Little did she expect that Goldbar would run past her and head straight toward the person behind her back. She turned her head around to see Goldbar stopping beside Nollace and sniffing him. “Goldbar!” she shouted exasperatedly. She stormed toward it and grabbed it up from the ground. “I’m your owner. Why didn't you listen to me?” Goldbar looked at her with its innocent puppy eyes. She glanced at Nollace and asked, “What are you doing here?” Nollace replied calmly, “I’m here for a walk.” He glanced at the puppy in her arms and continued. ”Is its name Goldbar?” Daisie carried Goldbar back to its kennel. “Do you have a problem with that?” Following behind her, Nollace fell silent for a while before commenting, “What a lousy name.” She harrumphed. “Hmph! Yo

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