Chapter 1576

‘The main thing is that Nollace has amnesia now!' Lisa suddenly made up her mind. Tristan and his friends left the private room. After they bid each other goodbye, he brought his driver to the parking lot. The driver opened the door for him. When he was about to get into the car, a voice suddenly came from behind. “Uncle Tristan.” Tristan turned his head around and looked around—it was the young waitress who had served them in the private room earlier today. But she addressed himself as Uncle Tristan, which made Tristan a little confused. “Do you know me?” Lisa behaved very well. “Actually, I didn’t do it on purpose just now. I made a mistake only because I heard you mention Nollace.” He narrowed his eyes. “Were you and Nollace classmates?” Lisa did not deny it. “Yes, and Daisie and Colton too. We used to be classmates.” Seeing that she even knew Colton and Daisie and could utter the name of his nephew, Tristan did not have much doubt but only took a better look at her a few t

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