Chapter 1583

Maisie could not help but laugh. “It’s rare to see these four kids get along so well.” Nolan wrapped his arms around her shoulders. “After all, their goals are the same.” ‘Everyone is here to help Daisie improve her studies.’ Maisie turned to look at him and lifted her eyebrows. “Can you see this? This is how our daughter should behave. If you were to continue to spoil her, what would others think of Daisie in the future? Wouldn’t she be the princess of the Goldmanns that doesn’t know anything?” ‘It’d be better for us not to have given birth to a daughter in the first place if all we did was spoil her into a useless lady in the future. ‘And look at how the father-and-sons have spoiled her!’ He chuckled. “I was wrong. I’ll leave our daughter to you from now on. Sounds okay to you?” Maisie supported her chin on her palm. “It’s time to cultivate her music, sports, cultures, and art skills too.” Nolan was concerned. “Will she be able to bear all that training?” She took a glance a

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