Chapter 1585

Lisa’s face turned slightly pale, and her hands resting on her thighs could not help but clench. ‘Didn’t he lose his memory? Why would he think of checking me out? Shouldn’t he believe in everything that I said?’ “Nollace, I got expelled from school, but I was—” “Do you want to say that you were wronged and innocent?” Nollace saw through her at first glance. “I may not remember anything from the past, but that doesn’t mean that I’m dumb.” Lisa froze in position and could not move a muscle. “Actually, I almost believed in what you said the other day, but you shouldn’t have reminded me about Daisie and her brother’s feelings for me.” Nollace had actually believed in what she said that day, but not completely. She had told him that she was friends with Daisie, but she also told him that Daisie and her brother hated him—the contradiction and urgency in the message made him feel that he was being tricked. Thus, he had asked Edison to look into her background and phone number and the

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