Chapter 1588

Nollace was quiet. Suddenly the door opened. “Dad—” Lisa froze on the spot with a bouquet of flowers in her arms. She entered the wrong room so that Tristan would see her. She knew that Nollace would be there but didn’t expect Daisie to be as well! “I’m… I’m sorry, I thought this was my dad’s room.” She was going to leave when Tristan called out to her. She looked back. “Yes?” “Have you forgotten me? You saved me the other day.” Tristan didn’t sound as distant as the other day because… she was the person who had ‘saved’ his life. Lisa pretended to remember. “It’s you, sir.” “Your father is admitted to the hospital too?” She looked down and smiled. “Yes.” Tristan suddenly remembered what she had told him. Her father was sick, and she worked to help lighten the family burden. “You’re such a loving child.” The praise didn’t make Lisa happy but instead made her feel ashamed because Daisie was well aware of her family situation. Lisa stood in the room, and the praises Tristan sh

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