Chapter 1597

In the blink of an eye, four years had passed. At Yaramoor, in Victoria College… Daisie had just finished her performance in a stage play. When she went backstage to change her clothes, she saw a bouquet of flowers and a blue gift box on her desk. She walked up to the desk, picked up the flowers, and read the card on it. “Happy Birthday.” She raised her eyelids and saw the reflection of a person who was leaning against the door in the mirror. “How do you know that it’s my birthday today?” Nollace leaned against the door. He had grown up, and his facial features had become more well-defined than before. He also looked more mature, energetic, and handsome. Holding up her promise, Daisie had gotten herself admitted to the Victoria College and majored in Drama, Theater, and Film. Together with Colton, they became alumni with Nollace. Waylon was the only one who did not choose to study at the Victoria College but studied at the top business college in Stoslo. “I dare you to name so

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