Chapter 159

After dinner, Madam Vanderbilt suggested that Nolan and Maisie should stay in the Vanderbilt manor for one night. Maisie wanted to refuse, but Nolan agreed to do so. Madam Vanderbilt was very pleased to see that Nolan was willing to stay. “Mr. Goldman, please let me know at any time if you have any needs. Treat this as your own home.” Seeing that Nolan was ignoring her, the old lady smiled awkwardly. Maisie wanted to say something, but Nolan looked at her and said, “I want to take a look at your former room.” ‘My former room?’ Maisie was flustered. She had left Vanderbilt manor for six years and had indeed never come back to stay here since then. Stephen opened his lips and said slowly, “Zee’s room has not been touched, so I’ll arrange for someone to clean it up now.” Later on, Maisie arrived at the room she had been living in in the past. The room layout was still the same as before, and many items and furniture had not been moved. It was just that the bed in the room looked

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