Chapter 1611

Nollace stopped and casually adjusted his sleeves. “Does what you just said count?” Colton walked around and up to Nollace and met his gaze. “You people from the Knowles didn’t keep an eye on that scourge Lisa. I’ll definitely come at you for what happened to Daisie sooner or later.” Nollace frowned and said nothing. … The next day, Daisie went to the professor’s office and asked the professor to revoke Juliana’s punishment. The professor looked at her in surprise. “But she has made a mistake. Are you sure you don’t want to press on with the issue?” “She’s apologized to me, so I hope to give her a chance to correct her mistake. I believe that she’ll reflect on her own doings.” Seeing that Daisie had made a decision, the professor also agreed to withdraw Juliana’s punishment. Downstairs, Juliana rushed to the office and just so happened to run into Daisie when she was going downstairs. She snorted. “I shouldn’t have believed you.” Daisie frowned. “What?” She turned to look at

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