Chapter 161

Nolan was not planning on making the next move, but he only wanted to go to sleep with her in his arms. “Sleep.” Sensing the man’s even breathing behind her, Maisie relaxed gradually and felt drowsiness taking over her soon. … Maisie and Nolan went downstairs together. Stephen had already prepared breakfast personally. He smiled at the sight of Maisie and Nolan’s arrival. “You’re up. Have some breakfast before you head back.” Maisie made her way to a seat and sat down in front of the table just in time to see the all dressed-up Linda coming downstairs with Madam Vanderbilt. “Zee, did both of you sleep well last night?” Maisie humored Madam Vanderbilt’s enthusiastic inquiry by saying, “Hmm, we slept well.” Madam Vanderbilt cast a look at Linda, who then made her way to Maisie smilingly. “Maisie, may I sit here?” Maisie said, “As you wish.” She pulled out the chair and sat right next to Maisie. Linda said in a friendly yet reserved tone, “Maisie, I’ve only come to the royal c

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