Chapter 1622

Other people would pity her and think that the Knowles had abused her. Most importantly, Tristan did not know anything about it. Tristan had been busy with work and rarely came home. She was certain that Tristan would ask what was going on when he saw her in her current situation. Since everyone was here, she surmised that she should seize the chance and take the first move. After all, even if Nollace was the one who led the Knowles, she was certain he wouldn’t dare to do anything to her in front of everyone and disgrace the Knowles. She just needed to let Tristan know that she had been mistreated the whole time, and once she asked him to let her stay outside alone, she was certain that Tristan wouldn’t say no to her. As long as she could leave Nollace's side, even for just a while, she would be able to get everything she wanted. She looked at Tristan and said carefully, “Godfather, I… I just wanted to make everyone else happy. Did I do something wrong?” Tristan frowned. This b

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