Chapter 1632

Ken was startled, and his brows instantly creased. “Ms. Vanderbilt, why must you be so overbearing? You’ve snatched her endorsement from her and embarrassed her in front of the public. So as long as you can take a step back from this situation, your kindness and generosity will be remembered by her.” “I don’t need her to remember how kind I am.” Daisie stood up. “Plus, I didn’t snatch her endorsement from her either. The perfume company is the one that came to me and asked me to endorse their product. The people from her agency are the ones who didn’t communicate with her beforehand, so they’re the ones that you should meet with in order to resolve this issue. Is this how you resolve an issue? By trying to make a college student's life hard for her?” Ken tried his best to suppress his discontent. Lara had asked him to get rid of the girl, but he could not possibly offend the Goldmanns because of his fiancee, so his solution was to ask the little princess of the Goldmanns to compromi

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