Chapter 1634

Freyja stopped and turned to the side. “What’s the matter, Coleman?” Colton was still expressionless as he stopped in front of her. Freyja was 5’3’’, yet she still seemed a little petite when she was standing next to Colton. “You stayed in Dorm B before this.” ‘Daisie is staying in Dorm A, and Freyja stayed in Dorm B before dropping out of school. However, ever since she returned to the college, her accommodation has been changed to Dorm A, and she happens to have become Daisie’s roommate.’ Freyja was startled and could not help but squint. “I did change dorms. Is there any problem?” “Why?” “Coleman, why should I tell you the reason I changed dorms?” It was not that Freyja had never heard of Colton. Apart from being Daisie’s brother, he was also one of the candidates competing for the student of the semester. He majored in finance and took computer science as an elective. Apart from Nollace, he was practically unrivaled in college. Colton had always been a person who was very c

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