Chapter 1648

Maisie chuckled. “Why can’t I ask about this? I’m your mother.” Daisie pouted and did not respond to her. “You’ve grown up and should have your own thoughts about everything, so I can’t control everything that you do or think. You have Colton and Nollace here to protect you, so your father and I can truly be at ease while we’re not by your side.” After saying that, Maisie paused for a few seconds. “However, don’t you ever let such an incident happen again. Otherwise, the self-defense lessons that Saydie has given you would have been in vain.” Daisie lifted her head. “Mom, aren’t you against it?” “What should I be against?” Maisie asked knowingly with a smirk. Daisie buried her head in the pillow, and her cheeks flushed as if she was slightly drunk. “Aren’t you against the fact that I’m dating Nollace?” “If you do have a thing for him too, would me objecting to your decision do your relationship any good?” Maisie understood her better than anyone else in the world. After all, sh

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