Chapter 1652

“Not friends, or do you just don’t think that way?” Ken walked closer. “Nollace asked you to stay by her side so that he can keep an eye on Daisie. I know you informed Nollace when he went to the restaurant the other day.” Freyja bit her lip and didn’t answer. Ken loosened his tie and turned around. “You have two options, get close to the Goldmanns or let me arrange for your marriage. Ryan Matthews is ready to remarry.” Ken ignored Freyja’s shocked expression. “Even though the Matthews aren’t as great as the Reeses, his grandfather was a duke, so you should think about it.” Ken left the study, leaving Freyja still in shock. This family felt foreign to her. She was afraid and stressed out, so she wanted to run away. At the Hilton Villas… The housekeeper prepared breakfast in the morning. Daisie chatted with her while having breakfast. The housekeeper lived nearby, and her husband was from Yaramoor. She was a housewife, so other than sending her children to school and picking them up

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