Chapter 1654

Donald wanted to ‘help’ the Reeses now that they had lost their power so that he could get the woman he wanted. He knew that old man Reese would rather be poor than be connected with the Matthews. Unfortunately, Lara was disfigured. Edison remembered something. “By the way, Ken went to visit her at the hospital today.” Nollace’s finger paused and looked up. “Ken would have distanced himself from the Reeses after their downfall. He doesn’t seem like someone who cares about being kind.” His relationship with Lara was all about power, and now that that was no longer on the table, Lara was useless to him. Unless he had other plans. … Daisie waited for Freyja after class downstairs. Freyja walked to the door and saw her standing at the button of the stairs, waving at her. Daisie walked along with her. “Freyja, did something happen to you?” She stopped walking and looked down in silence. Daisie looked at her. “Freyja?” “Daisie Vanderbilt, we should keep our distance. You no

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