Chapter 1659

“Yeah, I saw the news, and they’re pretty serious about it. I heard that girl tried to seduce Young Mr. Knowles last night. I don't understand where she got the courage to go into his room naked.” “She has fallen low enough to give the people in the black market permission to take videos of her doing that kind of thing, so I don't find it strange that she would try to seduce Young Mr. Knowles.” Colton happened to pass by the corridor when he heard their conversation. He squinted, and when he thought about those videos that he had uploaded to the internet that time, he felt revolted. Nollace had sent him those recordings, so he figured that Nollace must have something to do with it. He had to admit that Nollace was indeed more ruthless than he was when it came to punishing his enemy. There were two things that a girl like Lisa cared about the most—reputation and chastity, and Nollace had completely crushed both of them. “Colton!” Daisie’s voice pulled him back to reality. He tur

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