Chapter 165

Maisie said, “If she bears another male heir for real, perhaps her status in the Vanderbilts will be different in the case of Madam Vanderbilt being pleased and loving the grandson.” ‘Aunt Leila is trying to bear a male heir?’ Linda expressed her astonishment. She was aware of her grandmother valuing grandsons more than granddaughters all the while. Her deadbeat younger brother had always been highly regarded more than her in Coralia. She was compelled to take on the chores at home despite her young age, while her brother needed not to do anything. Her grandmother had only treated her a little better only when she was about the age to wed. Her grandmother was counting on her to marry into a rich family so she could support her younger brother financially. However, Madam Vanderbilt had no idea that she wanted to marry the rich not because she wanted to support her brother financially but because she wanted to cut loose from being ordered around by her brother. If her aunt were to

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