Chapter 1662

At the hospital… A figure appeared at the door after Lisa left the ward. Lara was sitting on the edge of the bed, and her gaze looked dim until the moment she heard footsteps approaching. She turned around and could not help but ask warily, “Who are you?” The man smiled. “Young Master Knowles asked me to tell you that he can let things slide this time around.” Lara was surprised and astonished for a split second, but she then sneered. “Do you think I’ll need him to let me go now? I’ve lost everything now, so I’m not afraid of anyone.” Those who had lost everything would have nothing else to lose, so she had nothing to worry about at this moment. The man approached her. “Ms. Reese, do you know Mr. Matthews?” Donald Matthews—it was impossible for Lara not to know this name. He was a man who had managed to make all women in Yaramoor feel afraid. ‘This man, Donald Matthews, invited me to dinner several times, but I rejected all of them because I knew the reason behind all his invit

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